Restivo’s Heating and Cooling - Amana Heating and Cooling System valued at $11,900

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Restivo’s Heating and Cooling - Amana Heating and Cooling System valued at $11,900

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Amana 80,000 BTU 96% Natural Gas Warm Air Furnace and an Amana 36,000 BTU 3 ton Central Air Conditioning System


The value is $11,900


Amana BTU 96% natural gas warm air furnace and a 36,000 BTU 3 ton central air conditioning system. Installed into your basement duct system. Basic installation into your existing basement duct system is included. This system will heat and cool a home with the approximate square footage of 1,300 – 1,600 sq. ft.


Replacement of an existing gas warm air furnace with the installation of a 80,000 BTU 96% high efficiency direct vent furnace. Winning bid also receives an Amana 36,000 BTU 3 ton 16 Seer central air conditioning system installed into and existing duct system (located in the basement)




Voucher restrictions:
Ductwork must be existing and this does not include any additional duct work or correcting any ductwork deficiencies other than adapting to the existing basement duct system. • Winning bid also includes the air conditioning coil, 25 feet of refrigerant piping, thermostat, condensate pump, and a sound pad for the a/c unit. • Gas piping must be present at the existing furnace. • Winning bid does not include any additional gas piping or the electrical requirements needed to replace the furnace or the electrical for the air conditioning installation. Electrical and electrical permit is not included • Mechanical permit is included in the winning bid • Removal of a standard gas furnace through an unfinished basement entrance is included • Removal of an oil furnace, oil tank, asbestos covered furnace, or any removal that needs to be done through a finished area is not included • The winning bid also includes the venting of the new furnace with the venting penetrations being from the basement level. • Roof venting or any venting required outside of a single basement wall penetration will be considered additional work and not included in this bid • Both the Amana a/c unit and the Amana 96% natural gas furnace have lifetime warranties on the heat exchanger and compressor "unit replacement". Both units qualify for the National Grid Rebate program. • This system can be viewed at Restivo’s Heating & A/C on their showroom floor as the auction is intended to the size of this specific system. • Air conditioning warranty is Lifetime of compressor, 10 years on parts • Furnace warranty is Lifetime on heat exchanger, 10 years on parts • Restivo’s will also back the system with a full 1 year labor warranty • Winning bid cannot take the place, or be combined with an existing contract to do work • Installation of the above heating and air conditioning products are intended for Rhode Island and Nearby Massachusetts residents only • There will be an additional charge for any work done in Massachusetts • This unit is not intended for attic, closet, or crawlspace placement. It is intended to be a change out replacement of an existing warm air furnace with the existing duct system located in a basement. • The air conditioning system will be added to this same basement duct system. Any other application will incur additional charges.


295 Scituate Ave
Johnston, RI 02919
Phone: 401-351-REST

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